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Gay porn star Alex Baresi/Alex Corsi

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Alex Baresi is also known as Alex Corsi and he's made porn in the USA and Europe. A hairy, tattooed Italian with a 7.5-inch uncut dick, he's got the looks of a bodybuilder, was born under the sign of Aquarius and stands over 6ft tall. He's got a degree in economics and founded an e-commerce company before getting in to porn. And how did that happen? "A friend of mine was working for a company that produced gay porn in Europe and he sent me an e-mail stating I should get into it. But this company only produced bareback porn, and since I wasn't interested in doing bareback, I said no to my friend's offer. After that experience, I've always had it in the back of my mind that I'd like to try doing porn, but only with non-bareback producers. So I decided to apply to a few companies." He signed for Titan in 2006 after a spell with Raging Stallion and is a great performer, particular when he's bottoming. And what was the best thing about being a porn star? "For me, it is the traveling. But it's a hard question because it is both the best and worst aspect for me sometimes. I love flying and traveling, but for me the long trips to and from Europe can be tough when I'm on a plane for 9 hours. The other part that I love is meeting all the interesting people along the way. Some of these people I would have never had the opportunity to meet before I started doing porn movies." Alex enjoys fetish action, including leather, pissing and fisting.

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