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Blade Thompson was a big-name gay porn star of the 1990s with a square jaw, blue eyes, blond hair and a big cock. A confirmed top and star of gay and bisexual movies, he went on to direct a string of porn films and had his own production company. From Montana and born in 1968, he lived in Germany for a few years as a youth. He disappeared from the scene in 2002 after getting into trouble with the law on charges related to stalking a woman. He stands about 5ft 11ins tall.

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Blade Thompson's gay porn films include:
Blade's Real World 3: West Hollywood Glory Holes
Lap It Up
Sex Change
Full Body Contact
Iron Cage
Johnny Hormone
Men 4 Men - On the Net
Red, White & Blue
Shooting Porn
Getting Topped by Blade Thompson
Bi Friends
Just Men
Total Corruption 2: One Night in Jail
Driven Home
Hose 'em Down!
LA Sex Stories
Squeeze Play
Dynastud 2: Powerhouse
Behind the Barn Door
It's a Gang Video Series 2
Best of All II - Matt Sterling
4 Alarm Stud
Idol Worship
Man with the Golden Rod
Score 10


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