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Casey Donovan, aka Cal Culver, was born in November 1943 in East Bloomfield, New York, and went on to be a huge star of pre-condom era 1970s and 1980s porn - gay and str8. Before going into porn he worked as a teacher, a model and launched an acting career, working with the likes of Ingrid Berman. In 1971, he appeared in a sexploitation thriller film, Ginger, which led to his appearing in Casey - his first porno movie. His best film was probably Boys in the Sand, directed by Wakefield Poole. He also had a relationship with TV star Tom Tryon but by the mid-1980s he had contracted HIV and died in Florida in August 1987. A biography of his life, Boy in the Sand by Roger Edmonson, was published in 1998.

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Casey Donovan's gay porn films include:
The Back Row
Boys in the Sand
Erotikus - A History of the Gay Movie
Inevitable Love
The Joe Gage Classic Trilogy
LA Tool & Die
Men in the Sand II
The Other Side of Aspen


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