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Adorably sexy Corbin Michaels grew up in a small town in Ohio and made his gay porn debut in 2002. He has brown hair, blue eyes, stands just 5ft 5ins tall and has a thick, 7-inch cut cock. He usually bottoms, hails Jett Blakk as his favorite porn director and appeared in a few Cobra movies, including Bareback Beach Boys. He's also been popular with the producers at CitiBoyz and Hot House. Corbin went on to study finance at college in Los Angeles.

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Corbin Michaels' gay porn films include:
Friendly Force
Manly Heat: Quenched
Blowhardz 1
Penile Intuition 1
The Works
Twinks for Cash 3
Cute Enough To Eat
Sex/Life in LA 2: Cycles of Porn
Sex with Strangers
Four Score
Friends With Benefits
Bed Heads
Ram Tough
Running Wild
Wet Palms: Season 1, Episodes 4-6
Knob Squad 3: Size Matters
Citi Boyz Vol 23: Pleasure Paradise
Citi Boyz Vol 27: Bad to the Bone
Citi Boyz Vol 30: Cocked and Loaded
Citi Boyz Vol 31: Beyond Imagination
Daddy's Bubble Butt Boys
Dorm Days
Field Trip: Escape to Catalina
Man Made
Manhunt. TheMovie
The Road to Temptation
Rough Trade
Taking Flight Part 1
Yard Boyz


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