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Cody Cummings became a big star on the Internet thanks to his own website - and it helped that he was as handsome as hell, fit as fuck and had a beautiful cut cock. Cody stands about 5ft 9ins tall, was born under the sign of Taurus and has sex with men and women - although you'll never see him being fucked by a guy or sucking dick! He enjoys dancing, working out, boxing, wrestling, football and food. He was dropped by the company running his website in 2013 but then reappeared a year later. Asked once why people had such polarised views about him, Cody said: "Because I don't fuck or get fucked by guys. "How dare he have limits!" lol. I don't know... But they have done a great job. I'm right down the middle, so where do you advertise me? One thing I do know was when I started this, it was called "gay for pay." FOR PAY! And all I hear is how wrong I am for being straight and taking advantage of the gay community. Give me a break! I thought this whole niche was about getting hot straight guys to do things they normally wouldn't. Guess I was totally wrong. And as far as labeling and putting people in a box? Some gays are just as bad as straight people. What happened to being open minded, and not labeling people?" He added: "I have done porn for a while now, and have had a lot of guy scene partners. Over the few years, I have gotten more comfortable. And like I've said, I'm blessed to work with the guys and team that I do. I really love my site; I want it to be the best."

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