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Collin O'Neal is a truly hunky, hairy daddy. Born in 1975, he has brown hair and blue eyes. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall, debuted in about 2003, has an 8.5-inch cut cock and has worked with big studios like Hot House and Falcon. He also launched his own site - called World of Men and became a talented director of XXX movies combining his love of men with a keen interest in travel (he used to live in the Lebanon). In 2008 he announced he was quitting performing to work exclusively behind the camera - but the temptation proved too great for a while, but by then he'd sold World of Men. At college, he earned a BA in International Relations and a Masters in Public Administration.

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Collin O'Neal's gay porn films include:
Serbia: Collin O'Neal's World of Men
Edinburgh: Collin O'Neal's World of Men
Spain: Collin O'Neal's World of Men
Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2
Banging the Barman
Miami: Collin O'Neal's World of Men
Sao Paulo: Collin O'Neal's World of Men
Lords of the Jungle
Cop Shack on 101
Humping Iron
Lebanon: Collin O'Neal's World of Men
Collin O'Neal's London
Manhunt 2.0
The Show Part 1
The Show Part 2
Desperate Husbands
The Hard Way
Skuff 3: Downright Wrong
Through the Woods
Be a Man
In Bed With
Manhunt. TheMovie
Perfect Fit
Screw: Right to the Point
Screw 2: Cut to the Chase
Taking Flight Part 2
Mo' Bubble Butt
Skuff II: Downright Filthy


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