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Collin O'Neal is a truly hunky, hairy daddy. Born in 1975, he has brown hair and blue eyes. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall, debuted in about 2003, has an 8.5-inch cut cock and has worked with big studios like Hot House and Falcon. He also launched his own site - called World of Men - and became a talented director of XXX movies combining his love of men with a keen interest in travel (he used to live in the Lebanon). In 2008 he announced he was quitting performing to work exclusively behind the camera - but the temptation proved too great for a while, and by then he'd sold World of Men. Asked once why he got into the business, he said: "I never wanted to get into the adult industry to be honest. It happened when my boyfriend at the time ran me into the ground financially... and he used to do porn and so I decided the easiest way to get money quick was to do porn and so that is how I got into it." At college, he earned a BA in International Relations and a Masters in Public Administration. Asked about his time living in Lebanon, he said: "People may give me slack about this, but I really like the Middle East. I used to live in Lebanon and I love the culture and I love the people and it is really not a scary place where things get bombed all the time like you see in the media. The people over there are the nicest people, they invite you into their homes and feed you and they are just so happy to meet you because you are an American and a foreigner."

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The Show Part 1
The Show Part 2
Desperate Husbands
The Hard Way
Skuff 3: Downright Wrong
Through the Woods
Be a Man
In Bed With
Manhunt. TheMovie
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Screw: Right to the Point
Screw 2: Cut to the Chase
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