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Doug Jeffries is a smooth, masculine, dark and mature hunk of manhood with a thick, cut 8-inch cock. He usually tops but has bottomed on film, stands about 5ft 10ins tall and has a reputation for being a real sex pig. He has written several screenplays and went on to direct for the likes of Channel 1 as well after starring in hundreds of movies. He was a teacher in Boston before moving to Las Vegas and then got into gay porn in the late 1990s. But he recalled in an interview that he wasn't sure it was gonna be the right move: "It was sort of a roller-coaster ride. I almost didn't do it. I was sitting in the airport, waiting to go do my first movie, and I thought, 'I'm not gonna get on that plane'. I never thought it would blossom into what it did and extend even further." And the difference between acting and directing porn? "As a model, I loved seeing my image on the screen. Now, as a director, I love seeing my vision transformed from the page. I also appreciate the entirety of the project - the editing, the music. Seeing the finished product is such a thrill! I get an inner excitement and energy when I am directing. I can't contain myself." Doug's also been a singer and has brown hair and green eyes.

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Doug Jeffries's gay porn films include:
Frat House Secrets
Bondage Buddies: Military Ties
All You Can Eat
Bad Cop Good Cop
Bad Finger
The Big Black Bed
The Bite 2
Black Cops White Robbers
A Body to Die For
Boss Man
Burying the Bone
Butt a Face Boys
Butt Spankers
Carnal Cadets
Caught & Punished Witness
Chain Gang Gang Bang
Chained Heat
The Complexxx
The Corporate Ladder
Crossing the Line
Daytime Voyeur
Demolition Mann
Desert Hart
Dick Sergeant
Doing My Best Friend's Father
Fantasies of a Pig Bottom
Fantasies of a Porn Star
Father Figure
The Final Link
1st Time Tryers - Volume 10
Fresh Hot Pizza Boy
From Room to Room
Glory Holes of LA
Gold Diggers
Happily Ever After
Hard Body 2000
A Hard Gays Nite
Heat of the City
Hung Jury
Jacked to Vegas
Jimmy Rides Again
Jock Strap
Just In
The Man Hunt
Mat Muscle Mayhem 2
Measure for Measure
The Mentor
Military Ass Spankers
The Night Has Eyes
964 Dicks St.
No Pants Party!
No Twinks Allowed
The Pharaoh's Curse
Positively Yours
Private Parts
Red Hot & Safe
Rip 'N' Strip Wrestling
Russo's Sex Pig
School of Hard Cocks
Sex in the Wild
Show Your Pride
Skuff: Downright Dirty
Smokin' the Bear
Something's Up
Special Delivery
Steal the Night
Steele Ranger
The Stepfather
Stiff as a Board
Straight Shooters
Tag Punished
Tag Tied
Tales from the Backlot 2
Target for Torment
Things to Cum
35 & Up 3
3 Degrees of Humiliation
Thrill Me!
Tighty Whities
Turn of Events
Up for Grabs
Why Marines Don't Kiss


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