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In his prime, Danny Vox was utterly adorable - cute, dark, tattooed, hairy and somewhat similar in looks to pop star Robbie Williams. He got us hard every time! His hairy butthole was often fucked in films and he was a great sexual performer, vanilla or sleaze. He first made a big splash in the industry in 2002, keen to have sex with black guys and daddies. He stands 6ft tall, has brown hair, brown eyes and an 8-inch cut cock. His passion outside porn is making jewellery (he said he joined the XXX biz to help fund his gemology studies) - and he set up his own business after leaving porn. After a few years away from the biz, he returned in 2008 with Beyond Malibu. Asked in an interview why he wanted to be a porn star, he said: "I wanted cute friends that were as fucked up sexually and emotionally as I was." And what was the corniest line he had to deliver? "'Oh! Oh! Yeah, fuck yeah! Oh! oh! oh!' I usually opt not to fake moan. It's so annoying and why most guys mute porn. It usually takes a lot to make me moan, so if I am, keep it cummin'."

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Beyond Malibu
Addiction: Part 1
Addiction: Part 2
Alone With - Volume 6
Bedtime Stories III
Below the Rim
Cruising It
Getting It Straight
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station
Ruffin' It
2nd Gear
The Seeker
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