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Stunning Heath Jordan is your ideal man if you like them muscled and hairy. He signed as an exclusive for Falcon and Raging Stallion in 2011 after making his first appearances in 2010. Heath got into porn in part through model Kyle King. He told an interviewer about filming a scene with him: "Well, it was the first time after knowing him that I was going to bottom for him. When they told me it was a versatile scene, I kind of laughed because he had never topped me. The first time that he would top me would be the time it was filmed. Obviously, it was my first time filming, so I had no idea how long the filming would go. We were filming for hours, and I guess I hadn't thought about how long we'd be filming for or how long we'd be going at it. I had a great time, and I definitely learned a lot. There was one point when we were filming that they said, 'Okay, I think we have enough rimming scene, since we have almost an hour of footage'." Growing up Heath was really into sport but had to give it up after breaking two vertebrae, although later he got into bodybuilding. The brunette super stud - who tops and bottoms - describes himself as a homebody. And what drives him wild in bed? "Okay, well, it all depends on the partner I am with. I like a guy who is confident and knows what he wants and shows it with little talk about it. There's a side of me that likes to very sensual and soft, and then there is a rough sex pig that comes out of me. But really it depends on who I'm with."

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