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Jesse Jackman is one delicious hunk of muscle and fur. And he made his name as a model with Titan. From Boston, he's dated fellow gay porn star Dirk Caber. Jesse has degrees in computer science and Japanese and worked as an engineer for many years before filming his first gay porn scene in 2011. Asked how he got into the industry, he said: "It's less of a 'what' and more of a 'who', actually. I gave my friend Roman Wright a ride home from Provincetown a couple of summers ago; I knew he worked in the industry so I asked him what it was like. I guess he took that as more than just passing interest, because he told Titan about me, and the next day I got a call from them asking me if I wanted to work with them. The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like fun, and I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot so I did. I love it!" Over the years Jesse's lived in Japan, Australia and Italy and he lists his interests as rugby (which he also played), ice hockey and football. He added: "I'm an insatiable geek. You name it, I've hacked it. For example, even though I'm not a TiVo employee, in my spare time I fixed a highly-publicized bug in TiVo's operating system that otherwise would have caused all the TiVos in the US to malfunction back in 2005. TiVo sent me a brand new device with lifetime service for my trouble." He's versatile in the sack.

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