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The former Falcon exclusive, Jeff Palmer has a long, thick, 9-inch uncut cock and a controversial reputation. He was born under the sign of Aries in Los Angeles in March 1975 but moved to Argentina as a young boy, where he was brought up in an evangelical Christian environment. At Falcon he was a determined top before retiring from the biz. When he returned, he went into barebacking movies - in which he often bottomed. Of his first porn experience, he said: "What surprised me the most when I did my first porn scene is that the director and others did not believe me that it was actually my first time, also the fact that the director told me once it was done that I would be a big star in the gay world." Which, if nothing else, shows how confident the guy was! A man who also makes music, he had controversial views on HIV and AIDS. In one interview, he said: "After September 11 of 2001 I started to investigate everything that I was doubtful about, and the HIV thing was one of them. By the 7 of December of 2001 I was totally convinced the HIV never existed, so the next year in 2002 I did my first bareback film and I never used a condom ever again, and I refused any condom movies. Ever since I decided to only make bareback movies and use all of my power to make bareback mainstream." He added that "that Falcon stuff became way too fucking boring for my taste anyway, and if I'm controversial for so many people it's because I'm honest and don't go fucking around the bush".

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