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One of the biggest names in porn, Jeff Stryker was a famously gay for pay performer. Not that anyone minded when they come face to face with his monster, allegedly 10-inch, cock. He went into production as well as starring in movies and, not suprisingly, was a top. It was rumoured and confirmed years later that he regularly used a stunt dick in most of his movies. Born in 1962 in Illinois, Jeff debuted in the mid-1980s after working in Speedos delivering balloon-a-grams. He was still making gay movies in 2001 - but he's also made straight and bisexual films. He later revealed that he was the cause of a split between two great gay porn directors. John Travis discovered him after seeing a picture of him in biking shorts. John groomed him, and set him on a three-year plan. Somewhere in the mix, however, Travis fell in love with Stryker. But when the money got big, John Travis's friend (and sometime production partner) Matt Sterling gave him an offer he couldn't refuse and Travis fell out with him. In 2004, Jeff's image graced a postage stamp in the Netherlands while he was featured in a 1991 portrait by artists Pierre et Gilles. Jeff, who has children, has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame for his work in adult films and in 2006 appeared in a one-man comedy theater show, A Sophisticated Evening with Jeff Stryker. It wasn't his first stage appearance - in 1998 he appeared in Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time, an erotic comedy set in a prison.

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