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Short by porn star standards at 5ft 6ins, Spike - who hails from Ohio - more than makes up for it with an impressive 9-inch cut cock and spectacular cum shots. He has brown hair and eyes and was born under the sign of Taurus. A versatile performer and a popular star with director Chi Chi LaRue, he made his debut in the late 1990s. He then disappeared from the scene before returning in Closed Set: Oral Report in 2009. Spike also appeared as Rex Ruben.

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Spike's gay porn films include:
Closed Set: Oral Report
Latino Bambinos 2004
Levi and Friends!
Queer Eyes for the Spanish Guys
Reach Around Buddies! - Film 2
The Seduction of a College Freshman!
Sexgaymes: Up the Stakes
Skylar's Big Sexual Adventures! - Film 2
Skylar's Big Sexual Adventures! - Film 3
Butt Obsession
Full Frontal
Gang Bang Cafe
Get It Str8 1
Alone With - Volume 1
Big As They Come III
Cock Doctor 2
Pillage & Plunder: The Movie
The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride
West Coast Cadets
Workin' the Park
Absolute - Aqua
Absolute - Arid
Bad Behavior
The Crystal Tunnel
Everybody Does Raymond
Head Strong
Jacked to Vegas
Live and Raw: The Movie
Man Daze
Sex Becomes Her: The True Life Story of Chi Chi LaRue
Taken Down Under
Tighty Whities
Virgin No More
Three for the Load
Back to the Crack - Butt Munch 2
Billy Herrington's Body Shop
Brothers & Other Fantasies
The Final Link
Full Up!
Hotel California
How the West Was Hung
Lick it Up
Read Bi All
Stock Released
Stock Sentenced


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