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Tom Katt's a big muscled hunk, sometimes smooth, sometimes hairy. Born in 1970 in Atlanta, he's an Aquarian with a 7-inch cut cock who tops and bottoms. He stands about 5ft 7ins tall. He made his debut in gay porn in the early 1990s and was still making movies 10 years later while also working as a personal trainer. In 2006, he appeared on Atlanta-based Christian TV and renounced the adult video world, said he was straight and had married. He also said he wanted to study at a seminary.

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Tom Katt's gay porn films include:
Bad Boys Ball
Behind the Barn Door
The Best of Tom Katt
Body Search
The Conflict
Cop Corruption
Crash of the Titans
Fantasy Fights 5 & 6
Fetish Sex Fights One
Full Length
How to Get a Man in Bed
Idol Thoughts
Link 2 Link
Lords of the Ring
Male Tales: The Interactive Game
Men of Magnum
The Missing Link
Orgies Part 2
Red, White & Blue
Ryker's Web
Secret Sex 2: The Sex Radicals
Total Corruption 2: One Night in Jail


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