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Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti and Joey Visconti are best known as the Visconti Triplets - allegedly the first triplets to appear in gay porn. They were born on February 26, 1989, and were brought up in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary. Joey was born first. Jason 12 minutes later and Jimmy 10 minutes after that. They have 8-inch uncut cocks, stand just over 6ft tall and have light brown hair and brown eyes. The boys don't suck or fuck each other but do suck other dicks and fuck and get fucked by other guys. Joey is into pilates and dance, Jason enjoys working out with weights and is training to be a diesel mechanic and Jimmy is into skateboarding and winter sports. The Visconti Triplets have their own website. Jimmy described in an interview that their parents knew about their work: "It is weird for me that our parents have seen us having sex in pictures and videos - that took some time to get used to. They don't look at it any more, I don't think, but in the beginning they were concerned because they wanted to make sure that we were safe." Jason described why they got into the industry: "Out of curiosity mostly. We always watched porn, sometimes together and sometimes on our own." He added: "And maybe it would be a good way to make a living. Then we were approached by a model scout, which was the perfect opportunity." Jimmy said: "It's very natural for us to be naked together. Joey's hesitation about doing porn together in the beginning was about doing porn, not about being naked together because we were always like that."

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